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giveSPORTS equipment drive
by posted 09/14/2017


Dear Thunder Families, 


Thank you so much for helping me host a successful drive! Partnering with Thunder Baseball League, I collected 109 pieces of equipment. The giveSPORTS drive sponsored by Key Bank and Kronke Sports at the Pepsi Center, collected over 26,000 usable pieces of equipment.

Thanks to you and A Precious Child, underprivileged children will get the chance to play and succeed in sports. Many thanks to those of you in the Thunder community, that helped unload the semi-trailer full of equipment at the distribution center.
We appreciate all those of you that provided gently used equipment to enable kids to enjoy sports. For more information about A Precious Child, click on the link below.




Grant Williamson 

APC Youth Advisory Board Community Outreach Officer 
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2017 Fall Ball Indoor Schedule
by posted 08/30/2017

Thunder T

Thunder Coaches and Families,


See the attached for the Fall Indoor Schedule for September. Subject to change.


Thank you for choosing Thunder Baseball League.


https://Fall Cage Schedule 2017.pdf

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MLB Pitch,Hit,& Run and TBL Picture Day at BIP on April 23, 2018
by posted 08/25/2017

MLB PitchHit&Run

2018 MLB PitchHit&Run Rules*

Thunder Baseball League (TBL) is proud to be offering MLB Pitch Hit & Run for boy's and girl's in 2018. See for more details.

This event is open to all Thunder Baseball or Thunder Softball members.  Players age will be determined by age as of July 17, 2018.  MLB Pitch Hit & Run Local edition is scheduled to coincide with TBL Picture day on April 23, 2018 at Broomfield Industrial Park (BIP). 

Each team will be assigned a time by TBL for pictures by Imagetek Photography.  Picture times will be sent to team managers and posted on the TBL website the second week of April. Picture packets will be available the day of pictures and you can visit  for more information.  After completion of team pictures, players interested in participating in the MLB Pitch Hit &Run event should head over to the registration desk.

All participants must have their parent or guardian fill out a registration/waiver form at check-in.  Boys and girls, ages 7-14 will be grouped into 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14 with boys and girls competing SEPARATELY.  (No metal spikes are allowed).

All parents and spectators should remain off the field at all times. This program is free of charge, in an exciting baseball/softball skills competition in the safest atmosphere possible.  Pitch Hit & Run is intended to encourage youth participation and emphasize the “FUN” element of baseball/softball. 

PITCH-Each competitor receives six (6) attempts to hit the designated “Strike Zone” from 45 feet away for boys and 35 feet for girls.  Competitors must start from the pitching rubber and deliver to strike zone target which is (17” x 30”) measured 20 inches from the ground.  Each attempt hitting ANY portion of the “Strike Zone” target is worth 75 points.

HIT-Each competitor receives three (3) swings in an attempt to hit the ball off a tee.  Only the best of the three attempts, as determined by the administrator will count toward a competitors score.  A swing and a miss count as one attempt.  A running start is not permitted.  A competitor that fails to hit will get a minimum score of 50 points.  Spotters A & B stand on opposite sides of a tape measure, holding several flags/bean bags to mark the initial landing of the batted balls.  Spotter A calculates the inaccuracy of the hit and the distance traveled.  Distance traveled but the ball lands ten (10) feet to the left of the measuring tape.  The score would be 130-10 =120 feet.  The conversion table would be referenced and convert to 120 feet to 240 points.

RUN-Each competitor will start at second base from a standing start, and begin running when the admin yells GO!  The runner will be timed from the moment he/she leaves second base, touches anchored third base, and touches home plate.  No sliding is allowed.  Total distance for boys is 160 feet and the girls 120 feet.  Standard distance between bases in the boys division is 80 feet and the girls is 60 feet.  Times to the nearest 1/100 will be converted to points.  Example: A competitors 9.50 second time equals 100 points.

*Administration reserves the right to modify the program at any time.


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2017 TBL Annual Calendar
by posted 02/26/2017

TBL Logo

Thunder Families,

We are excited to present the attached "2017 TBL Annual Calendar" to help plan your season.  Some dates and times are "subject to change". 

Make sure you take advantage of our Academy Team lead age specific training sessions during the season. 

Make it "a season to remember" in 2017.

Thunder Baseball League


http://2017 TBL Annual Calendar v4.pdf

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