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Fall Ball 2019:


July 1, 2019--Fall Ball Registration Opens. Accepting COACHES applications now!


Click on the REGISTER NOW button on the home page.


August 16th Friday--Fall Ball Registration closes.

August 26th -- Fall Ball Teams set and coaches notified by September 1, 2019.

No games on Labor Day Weekend - September 1, 2019.

September 8th --Sunday--First Game (see Team Pages on 9/4) shirts distributed at BIP

October 20, end of season tournament. October 27, make up end of season (if necessary)


For 2019, we will have the following age divisions: Machine Pitch, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, and 13/14 age groupings.  Players will play in the age group for the 2020 season.

Fall Ball games are played every Sunday, with very few (if any) practices.

The 7/8 year olds play one game every Sunday, 6 to 8 games total. Shirts are included (red and white) in $135.00 registration fees and "End of Season" tournament included for all teams.

The 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 year olds play double headers every Sunday, 12-16 games per season.  Shirts are included (red and white) in $195.00 registration fees and "End of Season" tournament included for all teams.

Are you interested in machine pitch?

Machine pitch is a great way to develop young players (6-8 year olds). Typically the kids see more consistent pitching and are taught that they have to hit (no walks). Shirts are included (red and white) in $135.00 registration fees and "End of Season" tournament included for all teams.

This creates a great environment to develop skills in the field as well, as you see many more fielding opportunities because kids are hitting and not walking. Machine pitch is not for very beginners, players should be able to throw, catch, and play baseball for the length of a game (1.5 hours).

If you are interested in machine pitch, email Lisa Dittberner  at:     


https://2018 Fall Ball Summary 6.30.18.pdf


https://2018 Consolidated - Fall Baseball League Rules Mgmt.pdf


https://2018 Machine Pitch Rules Fall Ball.pdf


1. All games will be 6 innings.  No inning will be started after 1 hour and 45 minutes. 
Games will have a drop dead time at 1.45 hrs.
            • 8U games: no inning will be started after 1 hr and 30 min, hard stop 1.45 hrs
            • No extra innings in any age division.  Ties count as ties.
2. Both teams must hit everyone on their lineup.  Players arriving late will be inserted at the bottom of the lineup regardless of whether the team has batted through the order or not.
3. Players can use wood or aluminum bats.
4. Umpires will be instructed to have a liberal (large) strike zone.  Coaches, please instruct your players to go up to the plate ready to hit.
5. General rules:
            • Lead-offs, stealing, dropped 3rd strike, etc. will be played straight up for age
            divisions 9 and up.  
            • None of these will be allowed in the 8U division.
            • No limit on # of batters in an inning; coaches should use discretion and good
            sportsmanship if an inning gets out of hand
            • Courtesy runners are allowed for pitchers and catchers for ages 9-14.  Standard
            rules here – last out of the inning or the last batter of the previous inning if zero
6. Pitching rules:
            • 2 innings per pitcher per game (one pitch equals one inning).
• 3 innings per catcher per game 
            • Players may not return to pitch in the same game.
            • 8 warm up pitches are allowed when a pitcher is first brought into a game 
            • 5 warm up pitches between innings
            • Balks:  1 warning for all age divisions (9 and older).  No balks in 8U division.
7. Run rules: 
            • No Run Rules in effect
• Play entire game time as appropriate
• 5 runs per inning per team (teams can play straight up, regardless of runs if they agree to it)
8. Slide rule:  The runner must slide or attempt to avoid contact at all times.  If contact is
flagrant in the opinion of the umpire, the runner will be ejected.  
9. No protests.  All umpires’ decisions are final.
10. Metal spikes for 13/14 age group only.  
11. Zero tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct from players, coaches, and parents.  
            • If a player or parent is ejected, then the head coach is also ejected.
            • Any coach that is ejected for his/her own actions will be suspended for the next
               game as well.
            • The second ejection of a coach as a result of his/her own actions will result in
               suspension for the remainder of the fall baseball season. 
12. 7/8U division                                           
            • Pitching:

  • Pitcher gets up to 6 pitches per batter (no walks).  If the batter has not

                        put the ball into play or has not struck out, a coach will throw 2 more
                        pitches to the batter.  The batter is out if the ball is not put into play after
                        these pitches.  

  • The batter will receive an additional pitch if the 2nd coach pitch is a foul ball.

            • No stealing, leadoffs, bunts, balks, or dropped 3rd strike rule.
• Maximum of 10 batters per inning.  The last play will be over as follows:
ƒ The 3rd  out of the inning is made.
ƒ The ball is controlled by a player while touching home plate.
ƒ The batter scores a run.
• No more than 10 fielders at a time.  4 outfielders, 4 infielders, 1 pitcher, 1 catcher.
13.  6-8 Machine Pitch Rules – see Thunder website for MP under Fall Ball.